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Q: Hours?

A: Monday-Friday: 7:00 am - 5:30 pm

Saturday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Q: Do we ship?

A: We do not ship orders at Webers, although if you call ahead we can freeze your meat for you to ship yourself.

Q: Do we offer custom processing?

A: Yes, Weber's harvest hogs every Monday and beef every Tuesday. 

Take a look at the Processing page for further information and cutting options.

Please call in advance for butcher dates.

Q: Do we process wild game?

A: Yes, Weber's process deer, elk, moose, wild boar and turkey.

Please note that we only accept clean, boneless trim for deer, elk and moose. If the trim has hair, accessive fat or tendons and is freezer burnt it will not be accepted for processing. 

Q: Accepted Payment Options?

A: We accept cash or check.

**We will soon be accepting credit cards, stay tuned!


Q: Does Weber's offer Grass Fed & Organic Meat?

A: Webers is Animal Wellfare Approved and Certified Organic Processors. Occasionally we will have grass fed & organic meat in the freezer although if you would like to place a large order please call ahead and we will recommend you to one of our certified farmers.

2023 Holiday Hours
Friday 12/23: 7am-5pm
Saturday 12/24
: 7am-3pm
Sunday 12/25 Christmas Eve: CLOSED
Monday 12/26 Christmas Day: CLOSED
Tuesday 12/27: 7am-5:30pm


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